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What To Expect


  • First we begin with a walkthrough and Visual Inspection.

  • We then check all interior and exterior walls and flooring for moisture with a moisture meter.

  • Inspect HVAC to make sure it is performing properly.

  • Check your relative humidity with a hygrometer. 

  • Place a Bio Pump in the effected areas.

  • The Bio Pump then pulls the air through the machine and into a cassette.

  • This cassette is then shipped over night to our lab at Hayes Microbial.

  • Typically within 24 hours we have the results back.

  • Once the inspection is completed we will email you a Quick Books invoice, you can click on the link in the invoice and input your information.

  • We accept multiple forms of payment, lab results are not released until the invoice is paid. 

  • We then forward you your paperwork as well as a summary explaining what steps you do or don't need to take moving forward.

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